Ranking the Best Toni Braxton Album Covers

Being an artist, I find packaging to be very important when it comes to creating an album. The album cover is basically the visual that the listener associates to the music they will hear. As such, it sets the mood to what the listener will anticipate when they listen to the album. Have you ever find yourself not wanting to listen to an album due to the terrible quality of the packaging? Yeah, me too. For most cases, the best albums will always have the most meaningful and substantial packaging while the worst will look like a graphic design made by a high schooler in 30 minutes. Here, I will rank the elusive and iconic packaging of Toni Braxton’s albums from worst to best. Let’s get started shall we?

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R&B/Soul Sundays: Toni Braxton & Amerie

It’s time to revive this WordPress again! I’ll be tweeting about music & art and my own works as well here. First off. I’ll start this revival with what I call R&B/Soul Sundays where I’ll write about two R&B albums I have been listening to recently every Sunday. So, let’s start off with an album from a very known R&B singer:  Continue reading

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Old art…

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Not sure when I’ll finish this but let’s hope for the best 😀

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Mage Revisited

Here’s some new art of my OC. Normally I’d decide against painting with block-ins but in the end it wasn’t too bad :] For those of you who are curious here’s the before version: Continue reading

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